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Queans Rottweilers began with my friend Marsha Eychaner. "Quean" is Olde English for the royal "queen," and also has a
second meaning of a saucy, tartish woman. That was Marsha, and when we joined up in dogs, we went plural with Queans. 
We co-owned several top-winning dogs together over many years, and enjoyed each others company along the way. 
After she passed away, I decided to keep and continue with the Queans name for my Rottweilers. 
​It represents hard work, ​sassy fun and excellent dogs. Welcome to Queans! 
                                                                                                                                        ~ Jill Kessler Miller

Welcome to Queans Rottweilers 


My name is Jill Kessler-Miller, and I reside in Aptos, CA. I purchased my first Rottweiler, “Klaus,” in 1987, after meeting a Police K9 Rottweiler in Sebastopol, CA, who wanted to take my head off. I thought, “Oh, this is a good dog for me.” Klaus was my introduction to the breed and obedience work. I joined Golden State Rottweiler Club in 1988, and purchased my second Rottweiler, “Meta,” a German import, in 1989. While putting Klaus’ CD, CDX and BH on him, I trained Meta and titled her in her BH and SchH1. She was horrible little dog, ugly, sharp in temperament and dysplastic. She was obviously spayed, and I learned a ton about fearful, sharp/shy dogs while working with her.  Around the same time of summer 1989, I met Beverly Berger, and we began working together doing Rottweiler Rescue. I helped her with transporting, evaluating, fostering and placing. I fell in love with training Schutzhund, and when I realized that Meta was not going to be able to continue due to her bad hips (she was ready for her 2, but came up lame when jumping), I bought “Bullet”  in 1991. ​He was my joy and close companion unil the day he died. I’m proud to say trained and titled him myself, and he ranked as a top Rottweiler in schutzhund with USRC. 

Next came my first Champion, “Lena” in 1993, from my friend and dog-partner Marsha Eychaner. I had dabbled in 
showing Klaus (he even had two points!), but not only did he hate showing, he was also missing a tooth and his bite was
ever-so-slightly wry. He was neutered after this was pointed out to me at a German-style show. I was delighted to get my feisty Lena! Lena was so much fun — a consistent winner and a happy, destructive girl. I was, by now, working for The Rottweiler Quarterly magazine, where I was writing obedience articles and some show reviews, traveling and looking at dogs from coast to coast, in both AKC and German-style Sieger shows. For a while, I typed every critique at these shows in California,

and in many other states and cities, with my trustyportable typewriter in hand. I was the Treasurer of South County Schutzhund Club for about twelve (12) years, and I was Secretary of the ARV for several years, setting up the show manual and breed registry. 

I was also tapped for the position of Treasurer for Associated Rottweiler Fanciers, which I did for about five (5) years or so.
I, of course, maintained my GSRC membership, and joined ARC in 1996. I had been reluctant to do so for many years because I was already holding a few positions and was afraid of being asked to volunteer some more. Eventually, with the encouragement of folks like Perry Payson, Eric Jimenez, Greg Benkiser, and others. Meanwhile, I moved back to Los Angeles and took on the position of president for GSRC. I had already been show chair, and responsible for tasks such

as judge-hosting, equipment moving, ribbon-ironing, set-up and tear down. . . .you  name it, I did it. I’m still the point-person for GSRC shows, and we have scaled back to designated specialties. I am also still the president of GSRC, because frankly no one will let me resign! We are not a particularly active club, but we have fun and friendly supportive relationships exists between all our members, which, in my opinion, is more important than functions. 

Since 1989, I have been doing rescue work. Rottweiler Rescue of Los Angeles went not-for-profit in 2003, and I did all our paperwork, income tax returns, filings, treasury, etc., until 2015. I still help with transporting, evaluation, and placement when I can. What I have learned from seeing hundred of dogs is beyond estimate—I have seen the best of the best and the worst of the worst, physically and mentally, come through the kennels. 

​My last two male Rottweilers have been from our rescue kennels, from gorgeous European breeding. I titled “Kipper" in agility, and am working my new dog “Nemo” in agility and Nosework.
Presently, I co-own "Abel" BIS/BISS Silver GCH Hains Abel for Queans, CD, BN, RA, CGC. He was the #5 Rottweiler in 2015 with very limited showing. Abel is a tremendous dog, and he is producing well. 

I have judged two Sweepstakes. One for Southwestern Rottweiler Club of San Diego in 2003; I am proud to say that my
Best in Sweeps went on to take Winners Bitch at an ARC National 2 years later.
I judged Associated Rottweiler Fanciers in Oct. of 2010; my Best in Sweeps dog is now a Group-winning special.
Yes, I’m a little smug  about it! I’m also a judge for National Independent Rottweiler Klub. 
I’ve judged twice for them; once in Magnolia, TX and once in Sacramento, CA. 
I am part of the Judges Education mentor program with the American Rottweiler Club, and have also recently been approved by the AKC as a new-exhibitor mentor and Canine Ambassador. 

I am a frequent contributor for the Rottweiler breed column in the AKC Gazette.
I am a Chief Tester for the American Temperament Testing Society. I still temperament test and evaluate litters of puppies
if requested to do so, which I learned from Laura Worsham of Von der Lors Rottweilers. I have attained my CCPDT and APDT certificates as a trainer.  I pride myself on being patient and soft-handed with young dogs, whether in the ring or in my yard.

But, the one thing I am not, is a big-time breeder. I bred Lena, but gave my permission for all the pups to be spayed/neutered. Same with the few times I bred Bullet. I feel it’s more important that the owners be happy with their dog than anything else. We bred Cassie once, which produced the singleton pup “Tessa,” and then she was spayed.

Frankly, I take my own advice: “It’s easier and cheaper to buy a good dog than to breed one.”

My professional work is as an expert in dogs for legal lawsuits. You can read more about that at
my credentials are as a dog bite expert and investigator, animal cruelty, behaviors and evaluations.
I have spent over 25 years continuing to study dogs, but most especially my breed, the Rottweiler.

Dogs I have owned:
1. Klaus Leenerts vom Pineknoll, CDX, Bh, TDI
2. Estee vom Haus Neubrand, Bh, SchH I
3. Havenhaus’ Bulletproof T-Too, SchH III, CD, ZtP
4. Multiple Award of Merit/Select Multi-BOB/BOS Ch. Queans Arrabiata Lena, CD
5. Queans Kipper, AEP, OAJ (preferred)
6. Queans Captain Nemo, CNW3, NAJ (preferred)

7. BISS/BIS Silver GCH CH Haines Abel For Queans, CD, BN, RA, CGC


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