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Article 01



Jill Kessler -Miller and Jeff Shaver

Showsite Magazine |  July 2021

Most articles written about a breed go over the same “big picture” points you hear over and over again... balance, pleasing, proportion. It’s unlikely anyone reading this article—in a show dog-centric magazine with a dedicated section on the Rottweiler—needs to hear about the “big points” again. Principles such as a 9-to-10 ratio are known. A well-angulated front and rear, scissors bite, and almond eye are a given. Easy. Learned it. Got it...

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Article 02

Dog Parks. Why I am not an advocate


I don’t recommend dog parks. Not ever. The list of things that can go wrong is so long that it completely outweighs the possible attributes; note I say “possible,” because the positives are, in my opinion, only theoretical. First, dog parks are rife with disease, especially giardia. Soft stool, diarrhea that comes and goes, horrible gas?

Dogs on a Bench

Article 03

Taking your dog for a car ride is one of life's simple joys. But did you know that carsickness is fairly common in puppies? Read more about why, and how to best remedy carsickness in your dog. 

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Carsickness in Dogs and Puppies 

Article 04

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